A little more than a month since the completion of her second tour of duty in Afghanistan, former Eagles cheerleader Rachel Washburn will be honored as a "Hometown Hero" at Sunday night's game against Chicago.

The 25-year-old intelligence officer is a first lieutenant in the Army. She was an Eagles cheerleader from 2007 to 2009 while she was enrolled in Drexel's Army ROTC program.

"Initially, it was kind of a novelty to people I met if they ever found out," Washburn told USA Today. "It's kind of a bit of a shock. You don't expect those two things to go hand in hand with one person."

Washburn, who is stationed in Fort Stewart, Ga., told USA Today that she has about a year left in the military but may reenlist.

She said she has been honored with the Bronze Star Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Combat Action Badge, Airborne Badge, and Air Assault Badge.

Near the completion of her first tour of duty, Washburn helped deliver a baby boy during a snowstorm. The storm barred the Afghan husband from getting a midwife to help deliver the baby, so Washburn listened on Army radio to the instructions of a special-operations medic.

"Everything was successful," Washburn told USA Today. "Her husband gave us a little trinket. He was so grateful to have a boy."