Chip Kelly's line, "We're from Philadelphia. We fight," became a popular rallying cry for fans after the Eagles' 54-11 win over the Chicago Bears.

Kelly said he came up with the line at halftime when an NBC reporter asked him whether he would take his starters out of the game. He repeated it when the topic came up at the postgame news conference.

The first-year coach has endeared himself to fans with sound bites all season. At his introductory news conference, Kelly referenced the Wing Bowl and Vince Papale.

Kelly was asked whether keeping the starters in the game could help the team build momentum entering Sunday's game against the Dallas Cowboys. He said he did not put much stock into that line of thinking. The coach emphasized how each week presents a different challenge.

"You'd like to say that, but not in this league," Kelly said. "I think that's the one you'd better get rid of, whether it's a win or a loss."

Wolff update

Rookie safety Earl Wolff did not reenter the game after a second-quarter injury because the Eagles were so far ahead, Kelly said.

The Eagles coach did not have a firm update on the status of Wolff, who reinjured his right knee. The injury had kept him sidelined for four weeks.

Wolff left the game but did not leave the sideline. He initially thought the injury was serious; he did not know about his prognosis immediately after the game.

The rookie did not start. He alternated series with Patrick Chung before he was hurt.

"We were ahead, and then obviously he's been out for a while, so we were just going to try work him back in the lineup," Kelly said. "And then we got a lead and we didn't feel like we needed to put him back out there. We'll see how he goes this week."

No other Eagles left the game with injuries. The team resumes practice on Tuesday.

Schedule adjustment

Kelly adjusted the Eagles' weekly schedule because of Christmas. The team will work out longer on Tuesday and Thursday and lighten the workload on Wednesday.

"I thought it was really important for our guys to be with their families and open presents with their kids, so we'll start our day on Christmas Day at 11 and then try to get them out of there for Christmas dinner," Kelly said.