Mark Sanchez has completed 63.4 percent of his passes this season, which is a significant improvement from his four seasons with the Jets. But he is still not completely satisfied with his accuracy, even though he never had a completion percentage better than 56.7 in New York.

He wants it to be closer to his preseason, when he completed 80.7 percent of his passes. That might not be realistic - the top 10 quarterbacks in the league are between 65.1 and 70.3 percent - but Sanchez thinks there have been incompletions that should have been completions.

"It's got to get better, that's for sure," Sanchez said. "We were hitting at a higher percentage in preseason. And there's some easy throws I really missed. That will come, I think, as we get going."

Sanchez did not turn the ball over Thursday against the Cowboys and continues to look more comfortable with the offense. He said the Eagles can play at a quicker pace as he gets more experience.

Sanchez returned to his native Southern California during the long weekend. He spent time with family and got away from the pressure cooker of late-season NFL football.

"I'm just a regular civilian when I get home," Sanchez said. "It's funny: If they do bring up any football, it's, 'Man, you had Brad Smith wide open in the end zone, what happened?' They're brutal. Worse than [reporters]."

Cooper's numbers

Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper is averaging 10.6 yards per catch this season, which is more than 7 yards shy of last season's average. He also has only one touchdown after eight in his first year as a starter.

Cooper is on pace for more catches than 2013, but fewer yards and touchdowns. Offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur said the coaching staff believes Cooper is playing well despite the statistical decline.

"I think you can't just look at the stats sheet and try to measure this year to last year," Shurmur said. "And that's the only thing I would go on with him. But he's blocked well, he's competed well, and when we've gone his way, he's made plays, so I think he's doing fine."


Linebacker Emmanuel Acho did not play Thursday because of a groin injury. He expects to be able to play this week. The Eagles are still easing him back, although defensive coordinator Bill Davis said Acho would resume rotating with Casey Matthews when he is fully healthy.

Running back Chris Polk (unknown injury) and tight end Trey Burton (hamstring) did not practice. The Eagles are not required to release an injury report until Wednesday.