Chip Kelly said he has not determined who will start Sunday at the left cornerback spot usually filled by Bradley Fletcher. Fletcher was benched late in the Eagles' 27-24 loss to the Washington Redskins on Saturday after DeSean Jackson burned him for two deep passes. The Eagles return to practice on Tuesday.

Fletcher has struggled in recent weeks, and the coaching staff said he lost his confidence on Saturday. Kelly said there were no indications of shaken confidence entering the game. He defended Fletcher's performance this season, but Fletcher has allowed more yards and touchdowns than any cornerback in the NFL.

"I think Bradley has played well during the year," Kelly said. "You talk about how he got beat a couple times by [Cowboys receiver] Dez Bryant, but on Thanksgiving he didn't get beat by Dez Bryant; he actually played well in that game. So, you have to look at it through the whole time. I think there have been times where he has played really good football for us."

Ertz's emergence

Tight end Zach Ertz played only 46 percent of the offensive snaps in the first 14 games in the season. When his playing time spiked to 70 plays on Saturday - 78 percent of the snaps - he set a franchise record with 15 receptions. When Kelly was asked why it took so long to give Ertz that type of role, Kelly pointed to the matchup.

"It depends on who you're playing," Kelly said. "It's always a matchup game. It's really what you're looking at. Really, from an injury standpoint, Washington was really banged up at inside linebacker and safety. . . . We spent a lot more time in [two-tight end sets] that game than we have in any game, but it's because we wanted to keep those guys on the field."

DeSean's still gone

Kelly said he has no regrets about releasing wide receiver DeSean Jackson. In two games against the Eagles, Jackson has nine catches for 243 yards and one touchdown.

"We feel confident in what we did," Kelly said. "He played real well against us. Give him credit. He's a good football player."