Nelson Agholor

THE DEPTHS OF HELL - You almost feel for the guy, but Agholor's illegal-formation penalty was a game-changing blunder. It brought back Zach Ertz's electric would-be 57-yard touchdown. Agholor followed up that mistake with yet another drop. A demotion might wake the receiver up.

Eagles receivers

DOWN - Early in the fourth quarter, Russell Wilson had as many receiving yards (15) as the Eagles' receivers. True story. Agholor deserved his own down arrow, but the rest of the group can't escape criticism. Bryce Treggs gave up on a deep route that resulted in an interception, Dorial Green-Beckham did little after an early 11-yard grab, and Jordan Matthews was a nonfactor.

Carson Wentz

SIDEWAYS - The Eagles quarterback gets a pass on many counts. Agholor's errors would have added more than 75 yards to Wentz's statistics. But the rookie wasn't able to overcome the negligence of his support staff and threw two interceptions.

Zach Ertz

UP - We've been asking for more Zach Ertz in the red zone and he delivered when Wentz went to him short of the goal. The Eagles tight end hasn't been great after the catch, but he stretched for the second-quarter touchdown - his first of the season.

Jaylen Watkins

DOWN - He had fairly decent coverage, but when Russell Wilson flicked a jump ball to Jimmy Graham, Watkins lost containment. The Eagles safety then failed to wrap him up, allowing the Seattle tight end to walk into the end zone for a second-quarter score.

Jalen Mills

DOWN - Enough with the finger wag. You haven't yet earned it. Mills' confidence is a necessity at cornerback, but cockiness isn't, especially when your play is inconsistent. Mills took a terrible angle on C.J. Prosise' 72-yard touchdown run and got beaten downfield by receiver Tyler Lockett.

Doug Pederson

DOWN - There weren't any egregious game management mistakes. And the play-calling seemed fine. But the Eagles coach was ultimately responsible for the lackluster effort, particularly on his side of the ball.

Wendell Smallwood

UP - With Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles out with knee and rib injuries, the rookie shouldered the bulk of the carries. The entire offense was out of whack, so it was hard to get much going on the ground, but Smallwood hit the holes.

Eagles D-line

DOWN - Seattle's offensive line was supposed to be one of the worst in the NFL, but the Eagles' defensive line didn't win nearly enough up front.

Russell Wilson

UP - The Seahawks quarterback was a huge reason that the Eagles defense wasn't able to get much pressure. Wilson is one of the best at extending plays. He even caught (!) a touchdown pass from receiver Doug Baldwin.


UP - The Pacific Northwest is scenic and its largest city is as sophisticated as they come. The Eagles return again next year, which is good news for their traveling fans, but not the team, who have lost two straight at CenturyLink Field.