The Eagles will retain coach Doug Pederson, executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman, and vice president of player personnel Joe Douglas in 2017, according to a team source.

That does not suggest that the Eagles will not make other moves in the front office or the coaching staff, but the top leadership will remain in place.

Pederson will enter his second year as head coach after a 7-9 finish this season. Roseman, who has been with the Eagles since 2000, is in charge of football decisions for the second consecutive season.

Pederson is not scheduled to speak to reporters on Monday - a departure from the typical pattern of returning head coaches. Roseman will address reporters at some point in the next week.

Pederson will begin evaluating the coaching staff Monday. He said he would have the final say on whether there are staff changes.

"I'm going to evaluate everything," Pederson said. "Obviously right now, nothing, but we're just going to get into the offseason and we're going to take some time to evaluate, but I don't anticipate anything."

When asked what changes are needed on the roster, Pederson declined to answer because he waited to go through "an evaluation process these next couple of weeks." Roseman has final say on personnel decisions, and Pederson said he will see if his role in those decisions will grow this offseason.

"As Howie and I get together these next few weeks and as the offseason goes, we'll kind of see," Pederson said. "Last year, it was a little bit harder because I was putting in an offense, and so my time was spent more on the football side, so this spring we'll see exactly if that role will increase a little bit more on the personnel side. But if not, it's all about football, and we've got to make sure that our guys are ready to go come April 17th."

The Eagles hired Pederson last January after firing Chip Kelly and returning Roseman to a role with personnel. They hired Douglas in May to work with Roseman and run the scouting and personnel department.

Pederson had never been an NFL head coach and had been an offensive coordinator for only three seasons. During his first year in the top seat, Pederson had to navigate much that was unexpected. His starting quarterback was traded one week before the season. Right tackle Lane Johnson was suspended for 10 games. Josh Huff was arrested and released by the team.

In addition to navigating those obstacles, Pederson also was the chief play-caller for the first time in the NFL. He said he would keep those duties in 2017.

"I think as a coach, I've grown this season in the play-calling realm and utilizing some personnel and getting some young players on the football field," Pederson said. "I'm still the same guy as when I started back in September, and maybe just a little thicker skin dealing with [the media]. But other than that, nothing much has changed."