WHO: Tim Roberts, Charlotte, N.C.

OCCUPATION: Operations coordinator, Time Warner Cable Arena

WHAT: The 4 x 6 card that Eagles representative Mike Donahue handed commissioner Paul Tagliabue during the 1999 NFL draft to announce the selection of Syracuse quarterback Donovan McNabb as the No. 2 overall pick. It was signed backstage that day by McNabb.

CONDITION: Two of the corners are slightly bent. Otherwise, it is near mint.

HOW IT WAS ACQUIRED: "WIP held a charity auction and my dad won the prize to be a personal guest of the Eagles at the 1999 NFL draft. He gave it to me as a Christmas present. I was 12 years old. So we went up. And after the selection, the Eagles representative, Mike Donahue, presented me with the card. I remember I had two hats that day with me — one for the University of Kentucky (for Tim Couch) and another one the University of Texas (Ricky Williams). Of course, neither one of the hats were worn that day. And, yes, I did boo the selection along with everyone else. But we did not boo Donovan, just the fact that we passed over Ricky Williams."

WHAT DO YOU THINK IT IS WORTH? "This is truly a one-of-a-kind item. I don't know, maybe a couple hundred dollars? But I would never sell it. It has too much sentimental value."

WHAT THE EXPERT SAYS: "This particular item is certainly unique and as such is also quite difficult to evaluate for value. Given that it relates to one of the more notable Philadelphia sports moments of the last 25 years I would estimate that there would be some collectible interest."