The highs and lows from the Eagles' 27-20 loss to the Redskins on Sunday:

Nick Foles

Wind or no wind, Foles [italic]has to[/italic] make that throw to Jeremy Maclin in the end zone. Has to. He fought through a contusion on his throwing hand and completed some nice passes both early and late. And the offensive line did the rookie quarterback little favors. But Foles did not get the job done on Sunday.  

Brandon Graham

  Andy Reid may have gone overboard with the post-game praise of Graham: “He’s a legitimate big-time player at this level.” But the Eagles defensive end has certainly made big-time plays over the last month. Graham led the Eagles with six solo tackles and made two heady reads in the first half that ended Redskins drives.

Robert Griffin III

  The Eagles still have no idea if they have a future with Foles under center. But one quarterback that is certain to be in their future – likely for many years – is Griffin. The Redskins quarterback hardly ran because of a knee injury, but he completed 16 of 24 passes for 198 yards and two touchdowns against one interception.

Alfred Morris

  And the Eagles should get used to the rookie Redskins running back that rushed for 91 hard yards on 22 carries and scored a touchdown. Morris, a late round draft pick, has already run for 1,433 yards on the ground this season.

Dallas Reynolds

↓  Reynolds was placed in an untenable position when he had to step in for Jason Kelce in Week 2. But by Week 15 he should at least have a grasp on how to snap the football in the shotgun. Reynolds fluttered a number of snaps in the first half that affected the rhythm of a few plays.

Brandon Boykin

  The rookie cornerback has silently had a strong second half to the season. Opposing quarterbacks aren’t targeting Boykin as much and for good reason – he’s been bottling up receivers. On Sunday, he recorded his first career sack.

LeSean McCoy

  The Redskins weren’t giving much up on the ground, but McCoy turned a few would-be negative run plays into positives with his shifty moves. He also bailed Foles out with a couple of clutch catch-and-carries on the Eagles’ final series.

Jeremy Maclin

  Maclin tallied his second 100-yard receiving day in his last three games. He caught one touchdown – and should have had another if it weren’t for Foles’ short throw – and stretched out for a 38-yard grab in the third quarter.

Andy Reid

↓  A handful of fans rightfully serenaded Reid as he exited the field for what was likely his last home game as Eagles coach. They cheered his overall career here, but if they were told to react to this season there would have been boos.

Dennis Kelly

↓  The rookie right tackle did a nice job on Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan on the Eagles’ final drive. But for much of the afternoon Kelly had difficulty keeping his former Purdue teammate out of the Eagles backfield. Kerrigan notched two of the Redskins’ five sacks.

Colt Anderson

  Anderson’s late-season Cinderalla story was a nice diversion, but his liabilities in pass coverage were on full display against the Redskins. He got beat by Santana Moss for 22-yard touchdown pass in the third quarter. But Anderson did grab his first career interception and the first for the Eagles in nine games.

Evan Moore

↓  Moore had only two days of practice with the Eagles, so it’s hard to rip the tight end for the pass he dropped at the goal line with eight seconds to go. The play-call was certainly a dubious one. But the ball hit him in the hands. He’s got to make that catch.