It's the holidays, so naturally, we will be discussing sadness.

NFL teams have a way of elating and emotionally gutting their fans. "Maybe learn to relax a little bit," people say. "Maybe don't put so much emphasis on the performance of a bunch of strangers wearing the same outfit playing a game in exchange for millions of dollars."

But those words are for the sane ignorant. Real fans allow their favorite team to determine the outlook for the rest of the week. Real fans aren't afraid to hurl the coffee maker across the break room because the offensive line can't make a hole.

And that is why, after a loss, according to a study by two marketing professors at Emory University, the team's fans who are the saddest are... the Steelers? The Steelers.

Eagles fans, nowhere in the top five of the "saddest fans" portion of the study, were out-cried by the Steelers, Lions, Patriots, Dolphins, and Raiders fans, which I guess makes Oakland the Saddest Place in America.

Then, there was the "most stable fans" part of the study, in which Eagles fans finished third, behind the Cowboys and Colts. Which explains why national headlines are always touting how stable people seem when they come to Lincoln Financial Field.

You know what? I changed my mind. Real fans know how to control themselves, and invest their real emotions in what matters; family, friends, and themselves.

Yeah. That's it.