The Eagles will begin selling tickets to their games for the 2014-15 season at Lincoln Financial Field on Thursday, May 15 at 10 a.m.

If you are interested in buying Eagles tickets but never have before, you can do so through the team's web site. You can also go through StubHub, but that will likely cost a little more.

The Eagles are claiming they play ten home games, as they like to count the preseason games -- the ones nobody cares about and were actually being considered for partial elimination not too long ago -- as "home games."

Thursday, August 21 vs. Pittsburgh ... 7:30 pm

Thursday, August 28 vs. NY Jets ... 7:00 pm

Sunday, September 7 vs. Jacksonville ... 1:00 pm

Sunday, September 21 vs. Washington ... 1:00 pm

Sunday, October 5 vs. St. Louis ... 1:00 pm*

Sunday, October 12 vs. NY Giants ... 8:30 pm*

Monday, November 10 vs. Carolina ... 8:30 pm

Sunday, November 23 vs. Tennessee ... 1:00 pm*

Sunday, December 7 vs. Seattle ... 4:25 pm*

Sunday, December 14 vs. Dallas ... 8:30 pm*

*Scheduling may change based on how much of a draw conniving TV network executives deem the Eagles.