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LeSean McCoy: Michael Vick 'started early' in race

LeSean McCoy wanted to set the record straight. During the past two weeks, all McCoy has heard about is losing to quarterback Michael Vick in a 40-yard race.

The way McCoy explained it, he had been teasing Vick by calling Vick "old" and saying no one over age 30 can beat him in a race.

"We had the race, but he jumped off, started early," McCoy said. "So I had to come and catch Michael Vick, and he beat me. But he won't race me again."

McCoy added Vick started in a sprinter's stance while McCoy was standing up.

"That was probably my first mistake," McCoy said.

Speaking of McCoy's quarterbacks, he met reporters on Monday by asking if they had questions about "Mark Barkley." Informed that the quarterback is named "Matt," he sounded like he thought it was Mark.

"I've called him [Mark] all day, he hasn't said nothing about it!" McCoy said.

Barkley wrote on Twitter on Monday evening that McCoy called him "Matt" and was just having fun with the media.