Asked last month who was ahead at quarterback on the Eagles depth chart, Chip Kelly said the competition was "even" between Michael Vick and Nick Foles. He even threw Dennis Dixon into the mix, and said that the former Oregon quarterback took snaps with the first team during a three-day minicamp.

But Jeremy Maclin shed some more light on the battle when he was asked who he thought would ultimately be the Eagles' starting quarterback.

"Right now, you've got Mike going with the ones and Nick 'sprinkled in,' some reps here and there," the Eagles wide receiver said Thursday.

Maclin was at Lincoln Financial Field hosting his first annual Maclin's Mother's Day Miracles event. The Eagles wide receiver, through his foundation, chose five local boys to present gifts and pledges to their mothers.

Vick's early lead over Foles comes as little surprise. Most expect the 33-year old to ultimately win the job. Kelly, though, has said it is open and has continually praised Foles. There was also a wild card thrown into the deck when the Eagles selected Southern Cal's Matt Barkley in the fourth round of the draft.

Barkley will be on the field for the first time Friday at the start of the team's three-day rookie minicamp. The full 90-man squad convenes for its first practice on Monday. The media has been barred from practice up to this point, but Monday should provide some clues about Kelly's first Eagles team.

Everyone wants to know which quarterback will lead Kelly's offense this season.

"I'm not going to get caught up in all that," Maclin said. "Obviously, you're looking at a guy like Michael Vick that's proven himself in this league a guy in Nick Foles who stepped in last year and had some success to a certain extent. Barkley - his college achievements are off the wall.

"So he has good guys to learn from. I'm pretty sure he's going to have to embrace that and go through some ups and downs being a rookie quarterback."

Mother's Day Miracles. The event singled out local boys - all 12 years or older and raised by single mothers - who excelled in school and were involved in their communities.

The event began when the boys surprised their mothers with bouquets. The mothers also received a day at the Bellevue spa, $200 worth of dinner gift certificates, collages designed by their sons and pledges from them as well. Maclin also told the mothers and sons that they would receive tickets to an Eagles game this season.

Badia Gilmore, mother of 12-year-old Nasir, said that she especially appreciated her son's pledge of honor.

"It means a lot. He's my oldest child," Gilmore said. "He's doing good in school. He's been on the honor roll all year long."

The Gilmores - Mychael, 11, and Summer, 6, also attended - reside in West Deptford, Badia works multiple jobs to support her family.

Maclin never had a relationship with his father. He has spoken about his mother, Cleo Maclin King, and her struggles with drinking. When he was 9, he met Jeff and Cindy Parres. Jeff Parres coached his pee-wee football team. Over time, Maclin spent more and more time at the Parres home and eventually moved in.

At some point, the Parreses - whom Maclin considers surrogate parents - helped Maclin patch up his relationship with his real mother.

"Obviously, I never had money growing up. But I knew how much meant because I saw the struggles that my real Mom had growing up," Maclin said. "I saw it. I witnessed it. I lived it. I always tried to do a little something, whether it was something I made in school or something I was able to grab with a few bucks."