Now that Trent Edwards has moved ahead of Michael Vick on the Eagles' depth chart behind Nick Foles, it's an even longer shot than before that Vick gets on the field again this season. That being said, we take a look at where Vick's numbers place him on the Eagles' all-time passing lists.

Assuming his 2012 numbers are final (and he doesn't miraculously appear at Lehigh next summer), he will finish his Eagles stint as the club's career leader in completion percentage and passer rating (among players with a minimum of 500 attempts*).

He also will leave the Birds second among their all-time quarterbacks in yards per attempt and interception perecentage.

Even for such a short career (less than 3 seasons, in effect), he is in the top 10 of the cumulative categories (completions, attempts, yards, TD passes).

Here's a complete look at where Vick should end up on the Eagles' passing lists:

  Vick Leader (or Second)
 Category  Total  Rank    Total  Player
 Completions  677  6th  2801  Donovan McNabb
 Attempts  1124  7th  4746  Donovan McNabb
 *Completion Pct.    60.2%    1st  (59.0%)    (Donovan McNabb)  
 Yards  8572  7th  32873  Donovan McNabb
 *Yards/Att.  7.63  2nd  8.71  Sonny Jurgensen
 TD Passes  51  10th  216  Donovan McNabb
 *TD Pct.  4.54%  9th  6.87%  Sonny Jurgensen
 *Int. Pct.  2.58%  2nd  2.11%  Donovan McNabb
 *Passer Rating  88.4  1st  (86.5)  (Donovan McNabb)