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Eagles offensive lineman Jason Peters re-injures Achilles tendon

Andy Reid offered a non-update on Jason Peters' condition, saying Monday morning that the Eagles tackle was out "indefinitely."

Andy Reid offered a non-update on Jason Peters' condition, saying Monday morning that the Eagles tackle was out "indefinitely."

It was unclear later in the day whether the Eagles coach knew that Peters had re-ruptured his Achilles tendon, although it is likely he did since the five-time Pro Bowler once again needed surgery.

But it is safe to say after this latest setback that Peters is definitely out for the 2012 season. The Eagles confirmed the injury Monday evening after Comcast SportsNet first reported that Peters re-ruptured his Achilles when the Roll-A-Bout machine he was using malfunctioned.

The device apparently broke and Peters fell off it. He will sue the manufactuer of Roll-A-Bout, according to CSN. A message left with Peters' agent, Eugene Parker, was not returned.

The Roll-A-Bout looks like a scooter with an elevated cushion attached for the patient to rest the injured leg. Many athletes use the device in place of crutches. It "is a modern solution to the 'age-old' crutch," it reads on the company's website. "We have designed the answer to mobility on one foot."

Peters first ruptured his Achilles tendon on March 27 while working out in Texas. The Eagles kept the injury under wraps as they sought a replacement. Peters had surgery to correct the rupture a week later, and while the Eagles did not put a time line on his return, his season was in doubt.

This second injury makes it all but certain that the 30-year-old tackle is done for the year. His career could be threatened as well.

"It's going to make the road to recovery that much more difficult," said Phillip Kwong, a foot and ankle surgeon at Kerlan-Jobe Orthopedic Clinic in Los Angeles. "It's not as clear-cut as the first time. Whatever he had the first time he's added another obstacle."

Kwong has never treated Peters, but he said that it is a "rare phenomenon" for an Achilles tendon to rupture a second time only weeks after the first. He said he has seen it occur in patients that are overaggressive in their recovery.

The Eagles replaced Peters when they signed free-agent Demetress Bell a week after his first injury. They signed the former Buffalo Bill to a five-year deal, although only the first year is guaranteed.

Bell has already been penciled in as the starting left tackle, although King Dunlap will also compete for the spot.