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Quintin Mikell defends Asante Samuel

Asante Samuel's likely departure from the Eagles struck a nerve over the weekend with former Eagles safety Quintin Mikell, who is now with the St. Louis Rams.

Asante Samuel's future with the Eagles could well be determined in the next few days with a trade potentially happening before the NFL draft.

The Denver Post reported last week that the Broncos made two proposals — one for a fifth or sixth rounder and the other for a player. However, the report indicated that trade is unlikely.

Obviously, Samuel's contract is an impediment to a deal, although indications are that he would be willing to restructure.

Samuel's likely departure struck a nerve over the weekend with former Eagles safety Quintin Mikell, who is now with the St. Louis Rams.

Mikell took to Twitter and ended up in conversation with fans who clearly think less of Samuel than his former Eagles teammate.

"Can't Believe Asante About To Be Traded. Dude Can Play," Mikell began.

"Still He's A Top 5CB. QBs Won't Even Look His Way. I've Seen It Happen," Mikell responded to one fan.

On Samuel's tackling, "Honestly The Guy Can Tackle. He Doesn't Want To. And Honestly They Brought Him To Get Picks! What Brings In Terms Of Passing Game Is 7-10 Pics. But What About The Fact That A QB Uses Only Half The Field."

One fan suggested that Mikell, as a guy who makes tackles, should be offended by the way Samuel plays.

"As A Guy That Does Lay The Wood I Don't Want My CBs Making Tackles. I Want Them Pissing Off Wrs And QBs... I Want To Be The One Tackling. Honestly If A RB Bust Thru And The CB Misses A Tackle I'm Mad At Myself And The Front 7."

One fan said Samuel is expendable because Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie are good players. "I agree. I'm saying he's better tho. No Disrespect To Anyone Else But I Respect His Game That Much."

On Samuel and press coverage, "U Can Ask Anyone Asante Is A Very Good Press Corner. People Saying He Can't Press Are Crazy. Dude Can Press Too."

On how Samuel's contract plays into his future with the Eagles, "It's Not The Scheme It's The Moolah!! I'm Talking FB Wise. He's Way Better Than Y'all Are Giving Him Credit For! All I'm Saying Is The Guy Is A Baller. U Think It's A Fluke Denver Wanted Him? 2HOF QBs There"

One fan suggested Mikell should not be surprised, because the Eagles also thought they did not need Mikell or Brian Dawkins. "The Saddest Part Is Everyone Who Jim Johnson Brought Up Is Gone. His Design Was Dismantled," Mikell tweeted.

On another player from that era, Sheldon Brown, Mikell said, "Sheldon Is A Baller. One Of The Most Underrated Players I've Ever Seen!!"

And what if the Rams could get Samuel? One word from Mikell: "Sweet."