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Reid addresses Castillo report

It has become universally accepted that Juan Castillo will not be the Eagles defensive coordinator next season. The question that remains, however, is how will the team go about removing Castillo?

Will Castillo go with a clean sweep of the coaching staff headlined by head coach Andy Reid?

Will the Eagles simply move the former offensive line coach back to his old job -- provided Howard Mudd retires again -- or give him some bogus job description like "assistant to the assistant of the defensive consultant?"

Or will Reid be asked to dump Castillo to save his own skin? That's the scenario Reid will face after the season, according to Mike Florio over at Reid will return next season, but only if he fires Castillo, who he unexpectedly promoted back in January to replace the fired Sean McDermott.

Reid was asked Monday if the Eagles have yet approached him about such a plan and whether he would indeed fire Castillo to maintain his position as the Eagles head coach.

"Listen, nobody's approached me on it," Reid said Wednesday. "My mind is to continue to get better as coaches and players. My mind goes no further than that. That's where I'm at. We're right in the middle of this thing and we've got to continue to get better. That's what we have to do."

The Eagles front office, aside from Reid, has not spoken publicly about the team since the start of the season despite what has amounted to a most disappointing year. The Eagles are 4-8 and all but eliminated from the playoffs.

Requests made to interview Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie to comment on the state of the team and Reid's future with the organization have been declined. Team president Joe Banner has been asked to comment following the last two Eagles losses but he has also declined to talk.

Reid was asked if the front office has spoken to him recently and given him its support.

"We talk all the time," Reid said. "I know where you're going, but there is nothing there. We're in it to continue to get better and we're all going in that direction right now."

Has the front office expressed its frustration with how the season has progressed?

"If you ask me about every person in this building, we're all here to win football games," Reid said. "That's starting at the top with Jeffrey Lurie. That's why he does this and that's why he owns this team is to win championships. We try to win football games, and that is what we all do. We try to win every game, and when we don't we're disappointed."