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Reid for Coach of the Year?

Should Andy Reid be considered the leading candidate for NFL Coach of the Year? One national columnist thinks so. Plus, a look at how Reid's teams close out the season.

In 10 of 11 seasons under Reid, the Birds have finished no worse than 2-2 in their final four.

In eight of 11 seasons, they have finished 3-1 or better. And that number is a little deceiving, considering the 2-2 record down the stretch in 2004 when the Eagles had locked up the No. 1 seed in the NFC.

Reid's winning percentage in the last quarter of the season (.681) is considerably better than his winning percentage (.591) in the first 12 games and even his overall winning percentage (.614).

The Eagles have only been better than 8-4 at this point in the season three times under Reid.

So if the Birds finish 2-2 or better down the stretch, they'll hit the 10-win mark for the eighth time in 12 seasons under Reid.

Of course, as I detailed earlier this week, 2010 is different because 10 wins might not be enough for the playoffs. Eleven wins might not be enough either.

The only two ways for the Eagles to ensure themselves a playoff berth is to finish with four straight wins (which has happened only once under Reid in 2006) or go 3-1 and beat the Giants in Week 15. Under any other scenario, they'll need some help from the other contenders.

The stretch run continues tonight against the Cowboys. As usual, you can join me for a live chat at 8:20 p.m.

And I had a couple posts Saturday in case you missed them: one on the Giants-Vikings game being moved to Monday night, and the roundup of who the national media are picking in Eagles-Cowboys.