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Sticking Around

Philly's all-time longest tenured professional head coaches.

By all accounts, Andy Reid's tenure as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles will come to an conclusion very soon. But it will end as the second-longest coaching reign in the city's history ... and the longest by a coach who didn't also own the team.

Cornelius Alexander McGillicuddy — Connie Mack to you and me — managed the Philadelphia Athletics for 48 full seasons and parts of two others (1937 and 1939, due to illnesses). He managed five World Series champions.

Other than Mack, the Eagles have the only other two double-digit tenured Philly head coaches — Reid and Earle "Greasy" Neale. (Neale won NFL titles in 1948 and 1949.)

Here are the 13 head coaches/managers that stuck around Philadelphia for at least six complete seasons (additional partial seasons in parentheses):