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Trent Cole weighs in on Eagles LT battle

Since he has lined up across from both men in training camp, Pro Bowl right end, Trent Cole, was asked Thursday for his thoughts on King Dunlap and Demetress Bell, who are battling for the Eagles' starting left tackle job.

He didn't have a lot to say about Bell, who opened camp as the starter, but was bumped to the second team after the preseason opener against the Steelers. ``He just needs to work his tail off and work like's his last game,'' Cole said.

He was a little more expansive in his opinion of the 6-9, 330-pound Dunlap. Said Cole: ``He's a very tall guy. He's got length. He can get his hands on you. He's like a Tra Thomas. (Dunlap and Thomas) are two different style players, but King reminds me of him. He's getting better. He's getting better every single year. He's come a long way. He's become a good player.

``He's still learning. He's a good player now, but he has so much room for improvement. He could be a great player. He could be one of the top tackles in the league. It's going to take time. But the more he plays, he's going to find out what he can really do.''

In the same breath – OK, maybe not the same breath – Cole also acknowledged that he loves going up against taller tackles like Dunlap because it's easier to get his pads up underneath them.

``That's the disadvantage of a tall offensive lineman,'' Cole said. ``As a d-lineman, we love tall offensive linemen. Because you can get up under them. You can bull-rush them. You can dip up under them because it's hard for them to get down. They're coming from up there and have to get down. As a defensive end, when you've got a guy like that, your technique is to stay low, no matter what.

``We're going up against the Patriots on Monday. Their left tackle (Nate Solder) is 6-8. A very tall guy. I don't care if they know or not, but I'm going to stay low on him regardless. I want to be in a place where they don't want to come down to.''