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Vick: would love to come back -- as starter

Michael Vick said Friday he would love to come back to the Eagles next season, but he sees himself as a starter.

Michael Vick said Friday he would love to come back to the Eagles next season, but he sees himself as a starter. That presumably means Vick would not be interested in a job backing up and mentoring Nick Foles.

"Of course you'd like to come back and play," said Vick, who also said "I've never been so close with so many people I've worked with."

"I want to be a starter in this league. I can't see myself not being a starter right now. I feel like I have too much talent, too much to offer."

Vick said he lives in the present, isn't thinking about the future yet.

Vick hasn't played the Giants on the road since Dec. 19, 2010, when he led the Eagles back from a 21-point deficit to a 38-31 victory in the final eight minutes, the comeback capped by DeSean Jackson's 65-yard punt return for a touchdown as time expired.

"The last time I played in New York, it was a different situation for us. We had a lot to play for," Vick said. Then he quickly added, "we've still got a lot to play for," though that would not seem to be true, at 4-11. "It was a great game," he said.

Vick hasn't played since suffering a concussion in a game against Dallas Nov. 11. He was cleared for last week's game but was the third quarterback and was inactive; Vick thought his season was over, then suddenly found out Monday it wasn't, when an MRI showed Foles had a hairline fracture of the second metacarpal on his throwing hand.

"It felt good throwing the ball around, it felt good being out there with the guys," Vick said. "Just want to finish strong. Thankful I've got another chance to play with my teammates."

Vick said he "may be a little rusty -- who knows? I haven't seen a live game snap in eight weeks. I'm pretty sure the game hasn't change very much, and I pretty much know what to expect going in. I'm very excited about it and confident."

Vick was asked to reflect on how the offseason work and high expectations came down to this.

"It's different, because we didn't expect such an abrupt ending," Vick said. "It's a part of the game. It happens to teams all around the league, year-in and year-out. The thing you have to do is just learn from the situation, figure out what you have to do moving forward to get better."

Vick said it was "an array of things that happened, that weren't supposed to happen, that we didn't expect." The Eagles were 3-1 after beating the Giants at the Linc Sept. 30. They've lost 10 of 11 since that day.