How cool it is to be part of the "Invincible" New Voices Team!

And if you agree that that's cool, then try to imagine what it's like to have a movie made about your journey! "Surreal" doesn't do it justice ... sick probably says it best. "Invincible" is a celebration of all of us taking on a challenge head on and overcoming it. Like any one of us I had a dream, ignored the naysayers, and had the last laugh.

"Invincible" has changed my life and the most often asked question in the seven years since its premier is, "how true is the movie?" Well, it wasn't a documentary that's for sure. The key is that it captured the journey ... not mine, ours. It's a tribute for all of us who have done the unthinkable. Many have the dream but the questions is whether they are willing to pay the price to make their dreams come true? Are you?

What's my definition of invincible? It's not about overpowering a person or a challenge physically. It's that inner strength that you possess that enables you to make game-changing actions or decisions. To be invincible is that oneness within ... a synergy of mind, body and spirit.

When you take a risk and survive, face a fear square in the face and tame it or do something others told you couldn't -- you have, what I call an invincible moment. That's when we get that last laugh ... which is always the best laugh.

So hang in there if you're not feeling so invincible right now. There is that greatness within, potential just aching to come out. Visualize your goal, make second effort a part of your personality, and have a flexible game plan and maybe you'll get that last laugh.

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