ATLANTIC CITY — Wanna bet the Eagles to win the Super Bowl? As Smokey Robinson's momma told him nearly 60 years ago, "ya better shop around."

There are six betting parlors open in Atlantic City. As of Tuesday afternoon, they were offering slightly different odds on the Eagles to repeat as champions. Whether you're betting 10 bucks or 10,000, Harrah's and Bally's are the best spots.

Those two sportsbooks are owned by the same company, Caesars Entertainment. Harrah's is located at the Marina. Bally's is in the center of the boardwalk. They had the Eagles at 11-1 to win the Supe, 11-2 to win the conference. The Borgata had the lowest odds at 7-1 and 7-2 respectively.

Note that odds change frequently based on action, so consider this merely a guide. Here's a closer look:

Eagles to win Super Bowl

Bally's/Harrah's: 11-1

Ocean Resort: 9-1

Resorts Hotel: 9-1

Golden Nugget: 8-1

Borgata: 7-1

Eagles to win NFC Championship

Bally's/Harrah's: 11-2

Golden Nugget: 9-2

Ocean Resort: 9-2

Resorts Hotel: 9-2

Borgata: 7-2

Eagles to win NFC East

Ocean Resort: -$140

Bally's/Harrah's: -$150

Golden Nugget: -$165

Resorts Hotel: -$165

Borgata: -$180

Bookies use money lines for the NFC East because the Eagles are such huge favorites. The amount is what bettors would have to wager in order to win $100. Money lines are graduated for any bet amount. In the case of the Ocean Resort, which is -$140 to win $100, a $70 wager would win $50, a $35 wager would win $25, etc. Odds on participating mobile apps are generally either equal or inferior to what's offered in person.