Sunday was the moment fans have been waiting for: Carson Wentz was finally back on the field and ready to lead the Eagles to victory.

The game began with a touchdown on the Eagles' opening drive. Carson Wentz threw to rookie Dallas Goedert for the tight end's first career TD catch. From then on, it was back-and-forth between the Birds and the Colts, led by former Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich.

But before the Eagles' defense held up Indianapolis to secure the win, there were jokes made on the internet. We're here to document it all.

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck was held out all of last year with a mysterious shoulder injury. In his absence, the Twitter account @CaptAndrewLuck, which tweets as if Luck were a general in the Civil War (he looks the part, does he not?), stepped up.

Sunday's game was bound to be an emotional one for the Eagles, and not just because Wentz was back.

Jordan Matthews, Wentz's close friend and a favorite target before he was traded away last summer, was signed by the Eagles this week to make up for injuries in the receiving corps.

As if Eagles fans needed another reason to get hyped before kickoff, Wentz shared this video on social media on Sunday morning.

And other Philly sports figures chimed in to show their support for the player who might have been MVP before he went down last December.

Isn't Rhys Hoskins' and Carson Wentz's bro-mance just the cutest?

Wentz was the final Eagle introduced at the Linc on Sunday, and you can imagine, the place went wild.

And as soon as Wentz got his hands on the ball, things were going exactly the way Eagles fans hoped they would.

If you couldn't get a ticket to the game (or maybe you didn't want to sit in the rain?), Xfinity Live! was the place to be.

Lots of Eagles fans were pumped to see what Josh Adams did on the field in the first half. The Central Bucks South grad was making his NFL debut. He finished with 30 yards on six carries.

Jalen Mills, on the other hand, earned the ire of fans on social media. He twice got called for defensive pass interference, costing the Eagles 51 yards.

The Eagles sealed the game with a big-time stop by Derek Barnett. Check out this awesome image from my colleague Yong Kim.

Derek Barnett and defensive end Brandon Graham celebrate their late fourth-quarter fourth-down takedown of Andrew Luck.
YONG KIM / Staff Photographer
Derek Barnett and defensive end Brandon Graham celebrate their late fourth-quarter fourth-down takedown of Andrew Luck.

Luck slipped on the wet ground and squandered what might have been the Colts' last shot at a touchdown. He, um, wasn't happy.

My colleague Les Bowen has those @CaptAndrewLuck jokes.

It was Wentz's first game in nine months. This wasn't about to be any old postgame press conference. He dressed the part.

Did he borrow that outfit from the Notre Dame mascot?

Not to be outdone, Mills opted for the Applebee's-chic look postgame.

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