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Eagles blast Fox Sports host who called Philly the 'dumbest sports city in America'

Colin Cowherd's latest attack against Philadelphia was quickly shut down by the Eagles' social media team.

Fox Sports Radio host Colin Cowherd once again used his show to launch a lazy attack on Philadelphia sports fans.
Fox Sports Radio host Colin Cowherd once again used his show to launch a lazy attack on Philadelphia sports fans.Read moreFox Sports

"I want to talk about the city of Philadelphia for three minutes."

So began the latest screed from Colin Cowherd, host of Fox Sports Radio's The Herd. Cowherd's ill-informed attack on the City of Brotherly Love followed the Kansas City Chiefs' Monday night win over the Washington Redskins, putting the team 4-0 for the season under former Eagles coach Andy Reid.

Cowherd said Philadelphia "has to be the dumbest sports city in America" and claimed fans "bum rushed" Reid out of town.

"Maybe Philadelphia fans are so dopey they don't like the word 'Reid,'" Cowherd continued. "They don't like to read."


"I'm honestly stunned to see Colin Cowherd making generalizations about a region or groups of people," wrote Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch.

Cowherd's sweeping characterization of Philly fans is centered on his belief that it was a mistake for the Eagles to fire Reid. According to Cowherd, Philadelphia fans ran both Reid and former Phillies manager Terry Francona out of town, and would have done the same to Villanova coach Jay Wright if he hadn't won the NCAA Championship in 2016.

Not only was Cowherd wrong on the facts in several instances, his attack on Philadelphia fans left out a great deal of context. Reid was fired in 2012 after the Eagles finished with a 4-12 record, their worst since Ray Rhodes led the team to a 3-13 record in 1998. He went a combined 12-20 in his final two seasons in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, during Francona's four year tenure as Phillies manager, the team went 285-363, and never finished with more than 77 wins.

Cowherd also claimed that Villanova is "a small private school in Philadelphia," which of course it isn't.

After hearing Cowherd's comments, the Eagles official social media blasted Cowherd's lazy stereotypes with just about a perfect tweet:

Of course, this isn't the first time Cowherd has gone after Philadelphia.

In 2016, after the San Francisco 49ers hired former Eagles coach Chip Kelly, Cowherd slammed Eagles fans for not being "cerebral" enough to appreciate Kelly, who was fired after three seasons as head coach.

"Philadelphia is very much a blue collar, tough guy, 'We need Mike Ditka' [city]" Cowherd said. "'He's not one of us… he talks down to us."

"San Francisco is has always been innovative. So they're going to accept Chip Kelly as cerebral," Cowherd said, just before he led the 49ers to a 2-14 record and was swiftly fired after just one season.