Tributes and memorials came pouring in when news broke that comic book icon Stan Lee died Monday at 95, including one from a former Eagle who became closely associated with one of the characters Lee helped to create.

Brian Dawkins, who is a well-documented fan of the X-Men character Wolverine and became known by the superhero's "Weapon X" alias, posted his own tribute to Lee on Twitter.

The second picture in Dawkins' tweet was the Marvel-commissioned poster that was given to fans on the night of his retirement ceremony in 2012. Marvel artist Jorge Molina created the poster, depicting the recently inducted Hall of Fame safety with Wolverine's claws at the center of Lincoln Financial Field.

Lee, who was a writer, editor, and then publisher for Marvel Comics, played an integral role in the company's rise to a  pop culture phenomenon, having either created or co-created not just Wolverine and the X-Men but also other iconic heroes like Spider-Man, Iron-Man, Thor, the Hulk, Black Panther, and the Fantastic Four.