Eagles fans had a lot to celebrate Sunday night, but one enthusiastic fan seemed a bit too excited after the Birds' 38-7 win over the Vikings in the NFC Championship game.

If there was one viral video coming out of Sunday's game, it was the one showing a euphoric fan wearing a Brian Dawkins jersey running after a SEPTA subway train and being knocked to next Sunday by a station pillar.

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While a short version of the video quickly went viral, a longer version, shot by Temple student Thomas Emmet Ashton, reveals the yet-to-be-identified man banging on the windows of a SEPTA car at Ellsworth-Federal Station in an attempt to pump up the subway riders.

It turns out the incident happened after Ashton and a friend both lost their tickets to the Eagles game while tailgating at the Linc around 6 p.m. So if the man accomplished one thing, it was lifting the spirits of two depressed Eagles fans.

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"It was a great time in the car afterwards and really lifted my and my friend's spirits considering we had just lost our tickets to the game about half an hour before" the game, Ashton said.

Monday evening, the Associated Press reported that the fan, identified as 42-year-old Jigar Desai, said he was OK, if a bit sore. "Yeah, I hit the pole, but the passion is there," Desai said. "It reflects the passion of the entire city. We are good fans."

Said Transit Police Chief Tom Nestel: "He jumped up and high-fived his buds and caught the next train."

I guess America's Funniest Home Videos rules apply: Since Desai is fine, it's OK to watch the video on an endless loop. You can even watch it in slow-motion, thanks to Yahoo! Sports columnist Jeff Passan.

Nick Foles and a phone goes viral

Who knew a phone call to Nick Foles would be so meme worthy.

"A performance for the ages." That's how my colleague David Murphy described Nick Foles' masterful game leading the Eagles to an upset win over the Vikings, punching the team's first ticket to the Super Bowl in 13 years.

Foles dominated the Vikings defense, going 26-33 for 352 yards, and tossed three touchdowns against the league's second-best pass defense.

"I was in Oakland for the seven-touchdown game. I've seen him top 400 yards three times. But considering the way Foles played, the opponent he played against, and the stage he played on, I don't know if I've seen him play a better game," my colleague Zach Berman wrote about Foles performance in his daily Early Birds newsletter (sign up here).

After Foles tossed a 41-yard touchdown pass to Torrey Smith, the Eagles quarterback went to the sidelines to take a phone call, likely from offensive coordinator Frank Reich.

However, the internet being the internet, fans on social media quickly grabbed the image and turned it into a viral meme. Here's a round-up of the six best jokes: