The reason teams don't go full-contact, tackle-to-the-ground that much in training camp is that players get hurt. You need to do some of it – defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz said Tuesday that tackling is "probably a defensive coach's biggest concern going into a first preseason game" — but it's all too easy to lose a player.

Nothing catastrophic happened Tuesday when the Eagles added tackling periods to their workout, but both wideout Shelton Gibson and running back Matt Jones both left early after collisions. With Gibson, the concern might be a concussion, after his helmet flew off when he was hit reaching for a high pass over the middle. Gibson stayed down on the field for a while before being helped off.

Jones seemed to be limping after a hard tackle on a run up the middle, and went inside, but later he said he was fine.

Carson Wince?

So, the Eagles have practiced twice since Carson Wentz wowed everyone on Saturday by doing everything in practice, including sprinting away from pressure. Wentz hasn't worked 11-on-11 since Saturday.

The word after Sunday's practice was that this was part of the plan, to back off Wentz and his repaired left knee after Saturday's hard work. But with the Eagles off Monday, it was a little surprising to see Wentz limited again Tuesday. He is scheduled to talk to reporters Wednesday, and that surely will be a topic.


The two guys added to the roster last week, defensive tackle Adam Reth and wideout DeAndre Carter, are sharing a locker stall, which does not connote an air of permanence. Carter made a nice end-zone catch while being hit Tuesday, on a scrambling pass by fourth quarterback Joe Callahan. … Jim Schwartz said that Sidney Jones, despite having played in only one game last season as a rookie returning from Achilles' surgery, is "way ahead of where the rookies are, not only knowledge of the defense, but techniquen and things like that."