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Charles Barkley going to get drunk, Foles fan in eyepatch gets profane on 6ABC

Two tips for local newscasts looking to cover a big win: Never interview fans wearing an eyepatch and always be the last to speak to Charles Barkley.

NBA Hall of Famer and former Sixers great Charles Barkley hugs Eagles owner Jeff Lurie during the NFC Championship game in Lincoln Financial Field Sunday night.
NBA Hall of Famer and former Sixers great Charles Barkley hugs Eagles owner Jeff Lurie during the NFC Championship game in Lincoln Financial Field Sunday night.Read moreFox Sports

There were many famous celebrities, sports icons and media personalities in attendance to watch the Philadelphia Eagles defeat the Minnesota Vikings, 38-7, earning the team its first Super Bowl appearance in 13 years. Among those spotted during the game were former Flyers great Eric Lindros, Los Angeles Angels MVP (and local weather enthusiast) Mike Trout, Academy Award-nominee Bradley Cooper and CNN hosts Jake Tapper and Brian Stelter.

Also among those at the game was NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley, which Fox Sports announcer Joe Buck pointed out by offering a terrible Barkley impersonation that was rightly mocked across social media.

Following the game, Barkley caught up with several local newscasts, offering a particularly un-Barkley-like interview to CBS in which he blandly said he was "happy for the city of Philadelphia" and confirmed that he would be rooting for the Eagles in the Super Bowl.

Later, Barkley appeared on NBC10, where the basketball great seemed more like himself.

"I'm tired of you now. I want to go finish getting drunk," Barkley joked as he ended the interview.

Nick Foles fan in an eyepatch gets profane on live TV

Following the Eagles' win, most local television stations in Philadelphia went live to cover the post-game celebrations in Center City and South Philly. Of course, interviewing often-intoxicated fans fueled by an unlikely victory can be problematic, something 6ABC found when it put a microphone in the face of an Eagles fan in a track-suit wearing an eyepatch, who is apparently a big fan of Nick Foles.

Watch (warning: explicit language):

It's not the first time Eagles fans have chanted about Foles "equipment" this season. Deadspin writer and former Philly Mag scribe Dan McQuade overheard a group of Eagles fans chanting, ""Big d— Nick! Big d— Nick! Big d— Nick!" outside the Los Angeles Coliseum after Foles led the team to a 43-35 win over the Rams following Carson Wentz's season-ending ACL injury.

So where did this all start? Apparently, the urban legend about Foles originated from a Reddit AMA with former Eagles defender Connor Barwin.

What was Terry Bradshaw doing?

Following the Eagles' win, Fox NFL Sunday analyst and Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw introduced owner Jeffrey Lurie to present him with the George Halas Trophy. But prior to that, Bradshaw shocked many Steelers fans by doing the unthinkable — leading the jubilant crowd in "Fly Eagles Fly."

"Walking the streets, I kind-of learned the words of this great Eagles song!" Bradshaw said before enthusiastically leading the song.

Bradshaw attempted to stop fans in the middle of the song so he could interview Lurie, but his questions were drowned out by the singing of tens of thousands fans remaining at the Linc. Even Lurie continued to sing as Bradshaw attempted to ask his first question.