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The Eagles made Michael Irvin, Skip Bayless and several other NFL pundits look silly

NFL Network analyst and Cowboys Hall of Famer Michael Irvin tried to hype Eli Manning before the game. It didn't go well.

NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin tried to hype up New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning on Thursday night. It didn't go well.
NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin tried to hype up New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning on Thursday night. It didn't go well.Read moreAP File Photo

It's too early to say the Eagles' convincing win over the lowly Giants on Thursday Night Football will be the turning point in what was becoming a bleak and disappointing season.

But one thing that's certain is several NFL pundits and analysts were a bit too quick to proclaim the Super Bowl champion's season over after their lackluster 2-3 start.

Former Giants Pro Bowler Shaun O'Hara, typically a level-headed NFL Network analyst who calls in frequently to 97.5 The Fanatic, got caught up in the moment on "Hot Take Tuesday" and predicted that not only would the Eagles lose the game, but they also wouldn't even make the playoffs.

NFL Network analyst and Hall of Fame Dallas Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin went all-in on Giants quarterback Eli Manning ahead of the game Thursday, attempting to hype the 15-year veteran in a passionate speech warning the Eagles and sports pundits everywhere not to count him out. Irvin's speech was even tweeted out by the Giants, who added, "Believe in Eli."

In Irvin's defense, after Manning's lackluster performance against the Eagles, he quickly switched gears to praise Wentz: "This dude looks great throwing the football. Is he back to his MVP form? I say yes."

Back in August, NFL Network analyst and former cornerback Bucky Brooks was so confident the Giants would topple the Eagles this season, he told FS1 host Colin Cowherd that Giants fans "can print the shirts: They're going to win the NFC East."

Here's what Brooks tweeted during the Eagles-Giants game last night:

Cowherd, no stranger to trolling the Eagles or Philadelphia sports fans, ripped the Birds in a four-minute segment earlier this week, claiming the team had "fallen into a trap" because of their Super Bowl success. "Stop, you're embarrassing yourself," Cowherd said, rehashing comments Lane Johnson made about having fun while playing back in February.

Cowherd's FS1 colleague, Undisputed host and longtime Cowboys fan Skip Bayless, pinned his hopes of an Eagles defeat on the performance of Manning and outspoken wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., whose criticism of the Giants offense to ESPN last week seems largely on the mark.

"It was just one long nightmare," a tired Bayless lamented after last night's game.

Ex-Eagles linebacker is still talking about “the goodies”

On Monday, former Eagles linebacker and one-time New Jersey congressional candidate Garry Cobb had the most interesting explanation for the team's disappointing start this season: too much sex.

"I think they need to go on a fast. Not food fast … the boys need to be cut off," Cobb said on FOX 29's Good Day Philadelphia.

"From … from sex?" host Mike Jerrick asked.

"The goodies," Cobb responded, adding, "It fogs up your mind. … They can't think."

Cobb told the Inquirer and Daily News he was surprised his comments were "showing up everywhere," but he couldn't have been too shocked when fill-in host Thomas Drayton brought them up Friday morning after the Eagles win.

"Just the threat that the goodies were going to get cut off … you get guys' attention," Cobb said. "They say when you come in the league, your whole family comes in. So, you've got to give a lot of those wives, 'Good job out there, you got those guys' attention.' "

Charles Barkley hasn’t worn underwear for 10 years

Charles Barkley isn't known for being bashful or afraid to speak his mind. So near the end of an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night, the NBA Hall of Famer and TNT basketball host opened up about his relationship (or lack thereof) with underwear.

"Jimmy, about 10 years ago … I thought they were unnecessary for space in the house. So I got all my drawers together and had a big old barn fire," Barkley revealed. "I've been 10 years without underwear, and I feel good about it Jimmy."

Barkley also talked about his relationship with fellow NBA Hall of Famer and Inside the NBA co-host Shaquille O'Neal, whom he called "a bully" and a "Shrek lookalike" who constantly chastises him for never winning an NBA championship.

"I hate him. It's not tricky at all," Barkley said. "Jimmy, I'm faking it [on TV]. If they didn't pay me, I wouldn't work with the goof."

Inside the NBA will return at 7 next Tuesday night on TNT, ahead of the Sixers' 8 p.m. season opener against the Boston Celtics.