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Ex-girlfriend of former Eagle LeSean McCoy alleges physical abuse

Delicia Cordon filed an amended lawsuit seeking up to $50 million in damages from the Bills running back.

LeSean McCoy has been accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend.
LeSean McCoy has been accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend.Read moreJeffrey T. Barnes / AP

Two weeks after the mother of LeSean McCoy's child alleged her ex abused their son, the former Eagle's ex-girlfriend is alleging McCoy abused her too.

The Associated Press is reporting Delicia Cordon, the Bills running back's ex-girlfriend, filed an amended lawsuit on Tuesday alleging physical abuse.

In the lawsuit, according to the Buffalo News, Cordon is claiming for the first time McCoy abused her and how much money she is seeking: no less than $50 million in damages.

Cordon and McCoy, 30, dated for nearly two years.

Cordon also directly accuses McCoy of setting up an alleged assault and robbery at a home owned by McCoy in Atlanta in July. The incident left her bloodied and bruised. McCoy denied any responsibility.

An earlier lawsuit filing by Cordon did not allege abuse or accuse McCoy of having a role in the July incident. In mid-September, Stephanie Maisonet, the mother of McCoy's 6-year-old son, filed an affidavit in Cordon's lawsuit, saying LeSean Jr. "would often come home with bruises" after visiting his father and that she had made a report to child services.

"I feel like I am sending our son to a monster every two weeks," Maisonet said in the affidavit, which included a photo of LeSean Jr.'s bruised chin.

According to the Buffalo News, the refiled lawsuit includes more details about the abuse of his son, and alleges McCoy beat his dog to the point he broke its ribs.

On Wednesday, McCoy once again proclaimed his innocence while speaking to reporters after practice.

"I've been claiming innocence, since Day One," he told the Buffalo News.

McCoy has not missed playing time since the allegations of abuse came out in July following the home invasion. In September, following the affidavit filed by Maisonet, Bills head coach Sean McDermott said McCoy has been "very forthcoming" about the allegations.

See the full affidavit filed by Maisonet in September here.

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