It's been nearly two years since Michael Bennett allegedly pushed an elderly worker at NRG Stadium after Super Bowl LI, but prosecutors in  Harris County, Texas, once again pushed back a court date that could have decided whether the Eagles defensive end would go to trial on a felony charge of injury of the elderly.

The arraignment or "setting" — as Bennett attorney Rusty Hardin labeled it — is set for Sept. 18. Bennett, who surrendered to authorities in March after he was charged, won't be required to attend. The arraignment originally was scheduled for April 28 and has now been pushed back four times, the most recent on Tuesday.

"The prosecutors were trying to retrieve video evidence and they say they have," Hardin said by telephone. "We'll review, although I know there won't be any proof because Michael didn't push anyone."

Harris County charged Bennett with pushing an elderly person, alleging that he shoved his way onto the field after the Patriots beat the Falcons in January 2017. Bennett, 32, was at the game to watch his brother Martellus, then a Patriots tight end.

Hardin, who reiterated his client's innocence, said that he will likely seek a dismissal at the next court date. A trial could be set, although Hardin said prosecutors could schedule another intermediary date.