Someone might need to call Jerry Jones to break up the fight going on between former Dallas Cowboys' greats Tony Romo and Deion Sanders.

Since being hired by CBS Sports to join their top broadcast team, Romo has earned near universal praise from fans, athletes and sports media figures alike for his energetic narration and his psychic-like ability to predict plays. Even Eagles fans appeared to enjoy Romo's broadcasting talents, though a joke he told during the Birds Week 7 match-up against Washington fell completely flat.

Calling his first Cowboys game on Sunday since retiring from the league last season, Romo compared Kansas City Chiefs' cornerback Marcus Peters to Sanders when it appeared he ducked out of tackling running back Ezekiel Elliott.

"Peters doesn't want to tackle," Romo said. "He's really good out there at the corner, off coverage, but in tackling?… He makes Deion Sanders look good at tackling sometimes."

Obviously, Sanders is a Hall of Fame cornerback for a reason, but he was criticized throughout his career for not wanting to make tough tackles. As former teammate Jerry Rice once recalled, "He said, 'They pay me to cover, and they pay me to make plays,' and that was that." Former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman, also a former teammate of Sanders, told broadcast partner Joe Buck that the cornerback considered tackling a "business decision."

Regardless, Sanders didn't appreciate Romo's comment, and on the NFL Network's NFL GameDay Prime Sunday night, the former cornerback didn't hold back his punches, pointing out that he wanted "to take the high road," but he didn't know the address.

"Ten years as a starter, you're 2-4 in the playoffs," Sanders said. "You ain't won nothing!"

Sanders, a studio analyst for CBS Sports on Thursday night games, said Romo's comments surprised him, especially after Sanders said he offered the former quarterback high praise on his successful shift to broadcasting.

"I've got a gold jacket that I didn't buy," Sanders boasted, before jabbing Romo on getting benched in favor of current Cowboys' starter Dak Prescott.

"Dak says hi. And bye," Sanders said. "Nineteen [interceptions] in 2012? Com'on man, you threw to everybody but me."

It's worth pointing out that in 2012, Romo threw 28 touchdown passes, completed 65.6 percent of his passes and finished the year with a 90.5 quarterback rating. Despite that, the Cowboys ended the season 8-8, and failed to quality for the playoffs.

CBS Sports did not immediately respond to a request for comment.