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Fan reaction to Eagles' selection of Marcus Smith

When the Eagles selected Louisville defensive end Marcus Smith, the general reaction from people that follow the Eagles was, "Who?"

Marcus Smith who dat?
Marcus smith.... That's the best you could do eagles
#Eagles have drafted OLB Marcus Smith. Surprise.
Here are the things I know about Marcus Smith:

The answer to that question was a third-team All-American that recorded 15 sacks during his final season at Louisville.

Despite his great senior season, Smith was not projected to be a first-round draft pick. Actually, he was projected to be taken during the second round at the earliest and as late as the fourth. This left Eagles followers scratching their collective heads.

Could have traded down and still got Marcus Smith. meh
Marcus Smith, a second or third round guy
Hard to imagine Marcus Smith being the BPA at #26. Let's see what the extra 3rd rounder gets them. Again, I like the player, but not at 26.

Upon further investigation, some Eagles fans began to warm to the idea of Smith coming off the egde in green and white while bringing youth to a position that could definitely use it.

Loving Marcus Smith now that I'm reading about him.
Marcus Smith is solid as all hell. #differencemaker #bleedgreen
Starting to embrace the Marcus Smith pick, could become a hell of a pass rusher in our system working with Trent Cole.
More and more I watch Marcus smith I love him
So i watched some more tape on Marcus Smith and he's actually not that bad