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Experts weigh in on Cox

Here's what some analysts had to say about the Eagles' trade and selection of Mississippi State defensive tackle Fletcher Cox.

Mike Mayock, NFL Network: "This is another rare cat right here. People talk about a 300-pounder, he ran 4.76 at 300 pounds at the combine. And here's the deal with him. He'll be a 21 year old rookie. You can play him inside, you can play him outside. Remember Jim Washburn... with that wide nine, here's what the wide nine means, Jason Babin lines up in Avalon, New Jersey. On the other side, they line up in Los Angeles, California. And somebody in the middle's gotta handle all that space. And that's what this cat's gonna do for them. And it's a great call and a nice move-up by the Eagles."

Mel Kiper, ESPN: "He's a penetrator, he gets into the backfield, not a stay-at-home type, this kid can complement what they're doing at defensive end and get after the quarterback."

Jon Gruden, ESPN: "I think he's really going to complement this defensive line in Philadelphia. ... They need an inside pass rush presence like Cox so quarterbacks can't step up. They also need a defensive lineman that can go chase Robert Griffin III of the Washington Redskins. This kid plays gap to gap at Mississippi State. He's moving all the time, he's slantin', he rarely comes off square. I think that's what he's going to do at Philadelphia. ...Come off the ball and get after opposing quarterbacks. I like this pick by Philadelphia."

Greg Cosell, NFL Films (Note: This is what he said about Cox during a Yahoo Sports podcast last week): "He's incredibly athletic. He's got terrific body flexibility. He's got great quickness off the ball. He's quick and light on his feet. There are times he does not look like a 298-pound man. I think he has natural strength. He showed the ability to go from speed to power as a pass rusher. The thing that really stood out to me as well was how he was used at Mississippi State. There were times they lined him up at defensive end, and if you didn't know who he was and just watched him rush the quarterback from D-End, you would have said this guy can play D-End in the NFL and rush the quarterback. So, I think Fletcher Cox, to me, is the best defensive tackle prospect in this draft, and I'm not sure it's even close."

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