"Why do I want Foles?"

That's the question former ESPN Monday Night Football analyst and new Raiders coach Jon Gruden asked the Eagles quarterback ahead of the 2012 NFL Draft, during an episode of Gruden's QB Camp.

At the time, Foles was a 23-year old prospect out of Arizona whom many considered a borderline first-round pick. Instead, a poor outing in the combine allowed him to slip into the third round, where the Eagles took him with the 88th pick (which Michael Irvin reminded us of on Sunday).

"You'll like his size, Mel Kiper," Gruden told ESPN's resident draft guru after the Eagles selected Foles, adding he "has functional movement in the pocket."

Unlike his sit-down with Vikings quarterback Case Keenum, Gruden didn't offer any prescient predictions about Foles. Instead, he spent most of the three-minute segment discussing the various injuries Foles suffered during what would be his final year at Arizona, including bruised ribs, knee problems and a broken left hand.

Gruden also spent time assessing Foles' ability to perform Arizona's Haka Dance, bluntly telling the young quarterback, "You stink, man!"

So, to answer Gruden's initial question, why would any team want Foles?

"Because I'll make your team better," a confident Foles responded.