Eagles chairman Jeffrey Lurie reiterated Thursday that the team would like to wear kelly green alternate uniforms, and hasn't given up the fight to get the NFL to allow a second helmet, so the helmets could match the jerseys.

The Eagles wore kelly green for their 2010 opener, but since then, concussion concern spurred a rule change that mandates teams can only use one set of helmets. Each helmet is fitted individually, but of course, it would be possible to do that with a second set.

The team broached the subject at the NFL's annual meeting in March, asking if helmets could be painted or pasted over with decals, but they did not garner enough support to effect change.

"They've got some issues they're dealing with with the players — the players have to approve it," Lurie said. "I don't know that they've had those discussions [with the players' association], but my hope is, by next offseason, I'm going to try and push those discussions forward. And we're not the only team. There's other teams that want to see two helmets. That's what's holding us back; otherwise we would have had it this year."