The Eagles got a head start Thursday on the league's recent decision to liberalize scoring celebrations.

Right after Nelson Agholor caught a touchdown pass from Carson Wentz over rookie cornerback Rasul Douglas on the final play of the Eagles' nearly three-hour live contact practice, Wentz and the other nine offensive players sprinted down the field and lined up in the end zone in a bowling-pin formation.

Agholor then rolled the football toward them and all of the players fell to the ground.

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"It's all Matthews, man,'' Agholor said, referring to fellow wide receiver Jordan Matthews. "He created it. That man's a mastermind. He loves celebrations. I love touchdowns. We love touchdowns. He loves celebrations.

"He said 'The next touchdown we get we're going to do it.' I thought it was kind of cool.''

Agholor said the players didn't practice the routine: "On the run, baby.''

Asked about his choreographer role in Agholor's celebration, Matthews said, "I got a whole bag of 'em.''

He said the Eagles will be selective as far as when they trot them out this season.

"When we have a good, sizable lead, we might get creative,'' he said. "But early on, it's all business.''