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Andy Reid gets angry at NFL’s ‘all-star’ refs, yells at Jared Goff instead during Rams-Chiefs

The NFL assembled an "all-star" crew to call last night's Chiefs-Rams game. The result was 21 penalties and a furious Andy Reid.

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid yells at Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff during the second quarter of last night's "Monday Night Football" matchup.
Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid yells at Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff during the second quarter of last night's "Monday Night Football" matchup.Read moreESPN

Prior to the Los Angles Rams record-breaking 54-51 win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night, the NFL took the unusual step of assembling an "all-star" officiating crew. The result? A combined 21 penalties for 195 yards.

Among those unimpressed with how officials called the game was Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. During the first quarter, the Chiefs were hit with eight penalties for 82 yards. And early in the second quarter, the Chiefs were called for pass interference in the end zone that would've given the Rams the football at the goal line

A red-hot Reid challenged the play, which was eventually overturned because the pass was tipped by a Chiefs defender. As Reid was angrily explaining to the referees why he was challenging the play, young Rams quarterback Jared Goff wandered over toward the exchange. That angered Reid, who appeared to yell at Goff, "Get back in there!"

Reid wasn't the only one upset with the referees. NBC studio host and former head coach Tony Dungy called the officiating Monday night "hard to watch" and correctly predicted both teams would combine to score 100 points.

After the game, Reid addressed the amount of penalties that were called on the Chiefs, but stopped short of criticizing the referees.

"Too many penalties, a lot of penalties in the first quarter," Reid told reporters following the game "I don't know about those, but they called them, and so we were going backwards when we needed to go forward and you don't want to put yourself in a hole like that. We had too many penalties. Thirteen penalties overall and I think eight of them were in the first quarter, so we've got to do a better job of that."

Reid also addressed another moment that was widely shared on social media — a long embrace he shared with Rams cornerback Marcus Peters, the former Chief who came down with an interception late in the fourth quarter that appeared to seal the win.

"I'm not happy he got an interception. But I'm happy that he's doing good," Reid told reporters. "As a person, he's doing well and he's been down here helping out with the fires… he's been tremendous."

"Aw, man, I loved it, man," Peters told reporters following the game. "The best thing about this is that I got to see my teammates and I got to see my old coaches and stuff. I miss those guys. Really, honestly, I miss those guys. When you're a part of an organization like that and you go in and you're a part of the locker room, you understand how it feels to be around some people, but you still have love for them. I wish those guys nothing but success."