Talk about a good sport.

Even though the Minnesota Vikings lost their shot at the Super Bowl to the Eagles on Sunday night, Minnesota fan Jessica Brennan Leibrock has launched a campaign to raise money for the Eagles Charitable Foundation as a way to welcome the victors to Minneapolis for the Feb. 4 championship and to counter negative experiences some Vikings fans encountered Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field.

"So this just happened. Our Minnesota Vikings just lost to the Philadelphia Eagles 38-7 in a heartbreaking, gut-wrenching loss on the heels of one of the greatest game-winning plays in NFL history. It's a big blow. But we are Vikings fans, we will bounce back!" Leibrock posted on a GoFundMe page launching the Vikings Brotherly Love campaign.

"But on top of that, seeing photos and videos of some Eagles fans bombarding Vikings fans with beer cans, insults and being told by police to leave the game for their protection, that was even more heartbreaking. It would be easy for us to get mad, easy for us to welcome them to our home town with that same level of respect, but that's NOT us."

Her goal: $38,000 — $1,000 for each point of the Eagles' winning score.

By Friday, the fund had raised more than $13,000.

This campaign follows another by Vikings fans that raised $170,000 for New Orleans punter Thomas Morstead's What You Give Will Grow charity that was launched after the Vikings beat the Saints to meet the Eagles for the NFC Championship.

Morstead decided to donate the money back to Minneapolis Children's Hospital and will present it while he is in Minneapolis during the Super Bowl week.

"SO LET'S DO IT AGAIN!" Leibrock wote. "Let's channel all of this heartbreak and insults and negative energy and turn the ultimate cheek. Let's welcome the Eagles to our house in two weeks by presenting them with a great big check supporting their charitable foundation, a great cause that has served more than a million low-income children in the Philadelphia area."