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Gonzo: Orange and Black and a bit blue

Time to empty out the all-Flyers mailbag: Bucks County guy living in Chicago. Was at [Game 1]. I was kind of shocked at how little orange and black there was in the crowd. Very atypical for Flyers fans.

Time to empty out the all-Flyers mailbag:

Bucks County guy living in Chicago. Was at [Game 1]. I was kind of shocked at how little orange and black there was in the crowd. Very atypical for Flyers fans.


I was thinking the same thing. Obviously the Wachovia Center will be all orange and black for Game 3, but I thought more Flyers fans would make the trip to Chicago. Philly sports fans generally travel well, but when I went looking for Flyers supporters at the United Center there were fewer of them than anticipated.

That might have something to do with Memorial Day weekend. I'm sure some people made vacation plans well in advance of the Flyers improbable run to the Finals.

There was a break because of the Olympics. That's why the Cup is being played later this year.


I understand that, but the Olympics don't sneak up on you. They're scheduled every four years. The NHL knew it had to take a two-week break for the Games. The league should have started the regular season earlier to balance out the schedule and prevent the Stanley Cup from opening on Memorial Day weekend. It would have been an easy fix.

Not only is there something extremely unseemly about increasing playoff prices for the average Joe who can't afford season tickets, but the absolute price itself - $500 for one game, $350 for upper-level seats - is just outrageous.

The Flyers don't need the money. I don't want to rain on the parade, but I'm pretty turned off.


A quick check of Stub Hub and other on-line ticket brokers suggests you'd be lucky to get into the game for as little as $350. That said, that's sort of how it goes during the playoffs - not just in Philly but everywhere. Postseason games in New York, in any sport, would require you to remortgage your house and put your first born down as collateral. It's another reason to be happy you live in Philly.

And there's always the stay home/TV option. The view is terrific, you don't have to fight the crowds, and the beer is cheaper. Sounds like a good deal to me.

I really do not like Philly fans but never in a million years would they sing that dumbass beer song after scoring. Chicago is a bit bush league.


Confession time: I kind of like the post-goal song/celebration. It's catchy.

Strangely, each time I hear it I end up with a powerful thirst for beer. I wonder what Pavlov would say about that.

The judgment of anyone who thinks there is any musical similarity between the band "Chicago" and the band "Boston," beyond both being named for big American cities, must be seriously questioned. But I don't think you really think that (it would only take about 20 seconds to discern the difference between a jazz-influenced horn rock combo and a progressive electronic rock band). I think you were lazy, had no idea, and guessed. Much worse for a journalist. Were it not technically an opinion, it would border on "making things up."


I'm worried about you. Anyone who could read that piece and take it seriously or fail to grasp that it was all tongue-in-cheek should, as you suggested, have his judgment severely questioned. Perhaps you're unfamiliar with sarcasm and satire or jokes in general.

As for me bordering on "making things up," that's insulting. There's no border about it.

I was enjoying my coffee this morning and loving the view of downtown Chicago from my office (do they have lovely views in Philly?) when I stumbled across [your] gem of a column. Wow. For a fan of one of the most pathetic cities in the Union to piss and moan about Chicago is pretty juvenile. Instead of worrying about how your incredibly lucky team is going to keep up with the faster, stronger, more talented Hawks, you decide to blast Chicago(ans). Talk about an inferiority complex.  As a Philadelphian, though, I expect nothing less.  


I had no idea Chicagoans were so sensitive. I write one little column teasing the city about its love for fattening food and dictatorial politics and suddenly my inbox is flooded with complaints and attacks from Chicago.

Still, it's impressive that so many of you were able to respond. I thought all those tears would short-circuit your computers.

Noticed Chris Pronger doesn't have a playoff beard. Is he the only one on the team not to? If so, any idea why? I believe [Patrick] Kane from the Blackhawks might be only one on his team who's clean shaven. Maybe they're holding out for possible Aqua Shave (do they still make that?) endorsements if their team wins the Cup.


Isn't it Aqua Velva? Either way, I've always been more of an Old Spice guy myself. That dude on the horse is hilarious.

Re: Playoff beards. I dig them, and it appears Chicagoans do as well. Lots of them around town, but I wonder if they know the whole "bearded lady" thing is really just supposed to be a carnival gag.