More than 10 days after the Flyers were eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs, the hits kept coming.

Forward Dan Carcillo was suspended for two games by the NHL yesterday, stemming from an off-ice incident with the officials between the first and second periods of the Flyers' season-ending, Game 4 loss in Boston.

Carcillo also had a verbal confrontation with linesman Brian Murphy at the players' bench before the start of the second period.

Carcillo was given a crosschecking penalty with 8:29 left in the first period, which led to Boston's first goal, on the power play just 31 seconds later.

A hearing was conducted on Friday regarding article 18.1 (on-ice discipline) and 18.2 (off-ice discipline) of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. It was conducted by NHL senior vice president of hockey operations Mike Murphy, since president of hockey operations Colin Campbell's son, Gregory, plays for the Bruins.

"Between the first and second period, while off-ice and outside the officials' locker room, Mr. Carcillo engaged in aggressive behavior and inappropriate conduct directed at the officials," Mike Murphy said in a statement. "While Mr. Carcillo acknowledged in the hearing that he regrets his actions outside of the officials' room, there can be no defense for his conduct.

"I have also reviewed the verbal confrontation between Carcillo and linesman Brian Murphy at the start of the second period and have determined that, while the verbal abuse may have been worthy of a penalty, there is no evidence that Carcillo's actions merit supplemental discipline."

Carcillo was given another penalty later in the second period.

Carcillo will miss his club's first two regular-season games next season. The Flyers said they will have no comment on the suspension.

Carcillo is a restricted free agent. His salary will be divided by 82 games, since he is a repeat offender, and he will forfeit two games worth of salary to be paid to the Players' Emergency Assistance Fund.

The Flyers, as a team, contributed $277,462 to the fund last season through suspensions and fines. *