Exactly a week after undergoing surgery to repair a torn labrum in his hip, goaltender Michael Leighton was back at the Flyers' Skate Zone in Voorhees, N.J., to begin a lengthy rehab process.

Luckily for Leighton, the damage in his hip was not as extensive as doctors originally feared.

"[The] doctor said he was happy with the way things went," Leighton said yesterday. "I'll be on crutches for 4 weeks instead of 8 weeks, so that's very positive. It's a little stiff, so I want to stretch it out as much as I can."

Leighton said he started his rehab the day after his surgery.

Penalty-killing center Blair Betts, one of the other five Flyers to have surgery last week, has also begun his rehab. Betts said his right pinkie finger was fractured all the way through the joint when he blocked a shot on Feb. 18 in Carolina.

He missed four games until March 3 and then missed the final three games of the regular season but returned for the playoffs.

"It was tough only having a four-finger grip on my stick," Betts said. "It was painful at times but only when I got whacked or took a shot off of it, but for the most part, it was bearable."

Betts had the finger reset and had "a couple" of pins inserted to stabilize the area. He said the pins will be removed in about 4 weeks.

"I feel great," Betts said. "After the surgery there wasn't a whole lot of pain and discomfort for the first few days and now I hardly even notice it."

Andrej Meszaros, the Flyers' award winner for best defenseman this season, had surgery to repair cartilage in his right wrist.

"It was bothering me [in the playoffs] and I was taping it pretty much every game," Meszaros said. "It was sore when I was going into the corner to battle for the puck or shooting. It just wasn't the same. [Now] it's been pretty good so far. All of the pain is gone."

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