BEFORE a goal-crazy, seesaw first period turned into a Flyers disaster on Wednesday night, Broad Street Bully enjoyed chilling with the fired-up faithful.

CLEANING THE GLASS: While the Penguins warmed up, Jon Ostroff of Plymouth Meeting placed his butt against the glass behind the goal and began a slow grind.

"I'm giving them a little bit of this," Ostroff said, shaking his generous butt at the Penguins. "And a lot of that," he said, turning, raising his shirt and belly-mooning the Pens. Ostroff's fellow die-hards in section 107 roared with approval. They've weathered many a storm together during their Flyers years.

"Sunday's game, first period, was so unbelievable," Ostroff said, "that when the Flyers scored their second goal, we all stopped high-fiving and started hugging each other."

As Wednesday night's crazy seven-goal first period matched Sunday's wild ride, Barry Peacock, of Mount Laurel, N.J., a Flyers season-ticket-holder for 40 years, said, "I'm thinking [Sidney] Crosby will get a hat trick tonight - a sucker punch, whining to the ref and taking a cheap shot to the back of a Flyer's head."

Even after the Flyers absorbed a 5-0 shelling in the second period, Ostroff kept the faith in the third, giving the evil eye to Penguin goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, but couldn't stop the 10-3 final.

"Crosby still sucks," he said, following the slow, sad river of orange flowing out of the Wells Fargo Center.

FACE OF NHL? The refined tone of Wednesday night's Flyers/Penguins hostilities was set pregame when Flyers die-hard Adam Greenberg, of Cherry Hill, held a homemade sign up to the glass titled, "The Face of the NHL," which is Penguins' superstar Sidney Crosby's moniker.

The poster featured Crosby's body topped by a large horse's buttocks for a face.

How Flyers-crazed is Greenberg? "We got married in 2000," said his wife, Kim. "As part of our vows, he made me promise to never talk during replays."

PITT PUNKGUINS? Brad Scheirer, an artist from Unionville, Centre County, showed up Wednesday with posters. One, "Pen Meltdown," featured a penguin well on its way to melting into a penguin puddle. Another dissed the "Punkguins," including "Coward" Crosby and "Nil" Malkin.

Scheirer happily said that Penguins' defenseman Kris Letang, who's apparently an art critic, greeted his posters during warm-ups by enacting a rude sexual gesture with his stick while sticking his tongue out. "I got into his head," Scheirer said happily, while his wife, Kathy, smiled. "I know I got into his head."