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Flyers talk about Game 4 loss

Here are some quotes supplied by the Flyers after Game 4: Penguins 10, Flyers 3

Here are some quotes supplied by the Flyers after Game 4: Penguins 10, Flyers 3

Flyers center Claude Giroux

Q: You're ahead 3-2 there, you've got all the momentum on your side with a couple of power play goals in a row, what happens?

It wasn't our best game. I think we got embarrassed in front of our fans, and that's something we're not happy of. The good thing about playoffs is you put that one behind you, and correct what you did. Now we'll go back to Pittsburgh, and we know what we have to do. We weren't too sharp tonight. Maybe we thought it was going to be easy tonight in front of our fans. We had that lead and they kind of took over, but we're not happy about it. We just got to be better in Pittsburgh.

Q: Inaudible

Started good for once, had the lead and then we kind of stopped playing. I don't know. The whole game was kind of a blur. Everything happened so quick. We've just got to move on and be ready for game 5. It's a little bump in the road, and we've got to make sure we're ready to battle a little bit better.

Q: Were you thinking that they were going to call this game like they did? It seemed like one of those games where there's somebody in the box every 30 seconds.

Yeah there was a lot of penalties, but I think we kind of deserved those penalties. The refs did a pretty good job. We can't be holding people's stick and interference. I'm not sure what happened, but I know we had a lot of penalty kills. Like we said earlier on in the series, they've got one of the best power plays in the league. You give them the opportunity they're going to put it in. We've got to do a better job of being disciplined. We can't give that team a lot of power plays like that.

Q: That was a big increase in penalties, were you expecting that they were going to call the game like that? I mean, it was on both sides.

I don't really control that kind of stuff. If they want to call, I mean obviously if we deserve those penalties, but if not I don't know.

Q: Is this the kind of game where you just (inaudible) mentally from what happened?

I think you have to. That's the kind of team we are. We're not a team that gets out-worked; we usually out-work the other team. Tonight wasn't the case. We didn't skate, we didn't win battles, it was pretty embarrassing. But like I said, the good thing about it is that we can put that one behind us, go to Pittsburgh, and do anything we can to go finish that series. They're obviously one of the best teams in the league, and we know that. Now they got confidence, and you just have to put that confidence away.

Q: Did you talk to Bryz tonight, or is that something you don't think will affect him?

I'm not worried about Bryz. He knows what he's got to do. He's a lead goaltender, and we got to do a better job in front of him. He'll be our best player in game 5.

Q: Claude, are you guys at all embarrassed the way this came out and finished tonight?

We lost 10-3 in front of our fans. Obviously we're embarrassed. Our fans didn't deserve that. Obviously we apologize to our fans, but I'll tell you one thing, it's not going to happen again.

Q: You guys have talked about if there's one team that can come back, it's Pittsburgh, do you guys feel like you've given them a little life?

Yeah, we gave them a little life, but we have plenty of time. We're still up 3-1, and we're aware of that. I think we just got to shut the door down in Pittsburgh. We've been successful in Pittsburgh, so hopefully we can keep it like that.

Flyers defenseman Kimmo Timonen

Q: Giroux said several times how embarrassed he was and said that won't happen again.

"Well, it's 10-3 so obviously it's in home building so it is embarrassing. There is a lesson to be learned. Ever game matters and there are no easy games in the playoffs. I doubt that maybe we thought it would be easy but it's not easy and there is a lesson to be learned."

Q: Is this the kind of game you put out of your mind right away?

"Well, the good thing about playoffs is you can move on quickly. But there are some things we have to correct and if there is something we can take out of this game than obviously there are a lot of areas we can do better. When tomorrow comes we watch the tap and we move on."

Q: Do you think skating was the main thing or the overall work?

"Skating, well when we skate we are a really good team when we don't we take penalties. It just wasn't there so obviously skating is one and when we skate we create some hustle and turnovers and today we didn't have it."

Q: A lot of guys have said that if is a team that can come back it is Pittsburg. Do you feel like you guys game them life tonight in game 4?

"You never know. It is 3-1 so like I said it was a bad game for us. I can't really tell what they are thinking obviously we can do so many things so much better and that's why I said there is a lesson to be learned and every game matters. You have to prepare for every game and play 100%. Today everything was kind of off and from goalies, D, forwards. Everybody was bad. There was not one person that was good tonight. It was embarrassing but we sleep on it and move on."

Q: You know how guys are saying they are embarrassed but you are still up 3-1 you are still in control here.

"That's what I mean, it's one game. We are not happy the way we played. There is a lesson to be learned that's my point. We sleep on it we come to the rink tomorrow and we have a good practice we watch a little bit of tape and we will go from there. When Friday comes we should be ready to go from there."

Q: You are still up in the series but you have given up 22 goals in the four games. How much of a concern is that?

"Well obviously that is something we will talk about tomorrow but sure even though we won games we gave up 4 goals 5 goals and today 10 so obviously there are so many things we can correct. Obviously PK, they have really good power plays so first thing we have to stay out of the box. I have never seen a playoff team or any team win games from the penalty box. That's one thing so you know it was embarrassing but we have to move on. There is a game Friday we have to go to Pittsburg. It won't be easy but we have a good chance."

Q: What do you think was the reason for the lack of composure?

"Who knows. If I knew the answer I would give it to you but that's why I said there is a lesson to be learned because every game matters and you have to prepare for every game like it is your last game. Today wasn't there it was an off night. I don't know the reason but the skating was the biggest thing. When we skate we are a really good team and we didn't really skate we gave them too many opportunities and we took to many penalties. If you take penalties you don't skate."

Q: What do you think about the refs calling the game? They were calling everything tonight.

"They can talk about it. I am sure the guys said if there are any mistakes they are going to be calling everything. There are a couple penalties they could have let go but it wasn't them it was us. We were bad today. Like I said we have to move on and sleep on it. Tomorrow comes and we get breakfast and move on."

Q: Did they warn you guys in the beginning?


Flyers Goalie Ilya Bryzgalov

Q: What are your thoughts on tonight's performance?

"It was a wild game. We didn't expect to lose like that and we wanted to finish the series tonight. They came out strong.

Q: Do you feel like you gave them extra life here. That they have a chance to come back in this series?

"They have world class players on their team. They had some chances tonight to get it done."

Q: What seemed to be clicking with their power play?

"Like I said before, we gave them chances. When you have world class players like they have and constantly they were on the power play, its tough to win the game like that."

Q: Is this one you get out of your mind heading out to Pittsburgh?

"There's nothing you can do. We lost. It's a 3-1 in the series right now. We need to win the one game and everything will be over."

Q: Could this be a bit of a wakeup call after a few loose games defensively?

"We not play loose. They force us to make the mistakes. Give them good credit."

Q: This was a playoff record in all of NHL history with goals in the first period especially.

"I think this series will be remembered for decades for sure."

Flyers RW Jaromir Jagr

Q: Are you embarrassed?

"It wasn't a good game that's for sure. I don't want to use the words embarrassed. I don't want to put our confidence down because we have a lot of games to play. It wasn't very good. We had a lead 3-2, I thought one more goal might be it, but they just kept coming and we made too many mistakes. Too many penalties put them on the power play for too many chances."

Q: Can a loss like this hurt your confidence?

"We just have to find out what kind of team we are and how we are built. If we think we are a good team, like we think we are, we have to respond next game and play a lot better game; play good on the road like we did all year long. "

Q: Did you expect them to call the game like that?

"They said that before the game. They said there was a circus the last three games and they were going to be in charge and call everything. They called both sides. There were so many penalties but we knew that they were going to call like that. The Penguins learned very quickly. They took two penalties five minutes into the game and then we got a bad penalty."

Q: It's entertaining, but?

"It's not. Of course you don't want to play like that. It just happens. It's not like we don't concentrate on defense. It looks like everyone had a chance and they made a great play."

Q: What is your level of confidence in Ilya [BRYZGALOV]?

"Well its most important that he has to have confidence in himself. Nobody is going to help him but himself. I think he is okay. He had kind of games like that when the other team scored a lot of goals, it is not his fault. We didn't play very good defense and there was a lot of power plays, two on ones. Even when [Sergei Bobrovsky] came in, we gave them so many good shots, not many bad goals. They were just great shots and great plays."

Q: With this game, how much life do you think the Penguins have?

"For a team like that, they knew they were not just going to give up. They are too good. They won the Stanley Cup three or four years ago. They have so many guys who can score goals and they are not going to just give it to us. We have to earn it and battle and take it from them. We knew it. If someone told us before the series that it was going to be 3-1 series, a lot of guys would take that. That is the way you have to look at it. We had a bad game. Everybody thought that we wanted to finish it today because they are good. Like I said, if someone was to tell us that the series would be 3-1, everybody would take that. That is the way you have to look at it."

Q: Claude [GIROUX] and Kimmo [TIMONEN] said you have things to work on. Where do you start?

"We only have one day. It might be a five hour practice tomorrow [LAUGHING]."

Q: With all the stuff that has been said about [SIDNEY] ]Crosby the last few days, did you guys expect him to come out hard?

"Well he plays every game hard. There was no question. There were a lot of scrums and he was involved in most of them. He is probably the best. He plays the whole series, it wasn't the problem. Whatever you do on the ice, just got so much [INAUDIBLE], no one is going to write about it. Everybody makes a deal about it."

Q: Did you have to learn that as a young kid in Pittsburgh?

"I wasn't that popular."