DID YOU KNOW that a newspaper can shift a

series in the Stanley Cup playoffs?

Neither did we.

But that's what fans - on both the Flyers and Penguins side alike - were accusing the Daily News of doing, thanks to our April 18 cover that depicted Pittsburgh captain Sidney Crosby as a lion with the headline: "The Cowardly Penguin: Time to Finish Off Sniveling Sidney."

Fans accused the Daily News of everything from "jinxing" to "sabotaging" the series on the day the Flyers had a chance to pull off a sweep.

Here's a sampling of the venom on social media:

"I assume the Daily News has never heard of 'bulletin board material.' "

- @EliseMichelle

"[Penguins are] 1-0 after denigrating cover from Philly Daily News, hopefully they keep it up by calling 'Geno' (Evgeni Malkin) the Tin-Malk or something." - @GregReinhart

"What have I said for years about keeping your f---ing mouth shut & not jinxing our teams! This is Philly! How do you NOT know better?"


"I think the Flyers are regretting the Daily News cover. #cowardlylionisrippingyourheadoff"

- @Dante3346

The Daily News has helped keep Philly honest for 87 years. We have all kinds of clout in government, politics and schools. Now, we apparently have the power to make our teams lose. Impressive.

- Frank Seravalli