MOMENTS AFTER the Devils snuffed the Flyers' Stanley Cup hopes with a slow-torture 3-1 win, AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" reverberated through the Wells Fargo Center, and Wilmington native Lauren Frederick, who flew in from Lake Tahoe, hoisted a pint at PJ Whelihan's and fought back tears.

Frederick told Broad Street Bully that before the game, she saw a Danny Briere quote on the giant screen at Xfinity Live! about how much the fans meant to him.

"It broke my heart when fans started walking out on him with nine minutes to go," Frederick said. "I had tears all over my face."

Before things went bad, Ice Row die-hard Jon Ostroff, a trial lawyer, did his naked-belly dance against the glass behind the goal during warmups, drawing enemy fire from Devils wingers David Clarkson and Danius Zubris.

"I gave Clarkson the maloik," Ostroff said, making horns out of his pinkie and forefinger. "I think that got to him more than the naked-belly dance. It's an Italian curse.

"Clarkson puffed out his cheeks at me, signing that I'm fat. I may be fat, but I'm sexy!"

Clarkson faked out Flyers goalie Ilya Bryzgalov to give the Devils a 2-1 lead in the first period that held up through the second when, Ostroff said, "The Devils made taking the puck from the Flyers in the neutral zone look like taking candy from Fat Albert." At the end, Ostroff said, "Even the ice girls look deflated."

BABY BULLY: "My other half is a crazy fan," said die-hard Corey Andreotti of Bristol, so he stayed sane during the Flyers' post-Penguins pickle by masterminding a special Mother's Day surprise for gal pal Judylynn Jensen.

Andreotti took their flame-haired daughter, Calirae, 2, to Shutterbeej Images in Feasterville, where Kraz Kreationz owner Tara Merschen designed a Broad Street Bully tutu — youse got a problem with that? —and Jennifer Ball shot the photos.

Andreotti got his Flyers fanaticism from his dad, Tony, who drives a limited-edition '99 Camaro SS — orange with a black roof and interior. "We left the house one day to get a ceiling fan and came back with the Camaro," said Andreotti. "It was fate. It screams Flyers. It's part of the family." n

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