The NHL and the players' union will meet in New York City on Monday morning and try to hammer out a collective bargaining agreement to end the 107-day lockout.

The sides met for 21/2 hours Sunday to go over the NHL's latest proposal, but there was no formal negotiating.

On Monday, the union is expected to make a counterproposal to the owners' 300-page offer.

The NHL made some concessions, but Donald Fehr, executive director of the NHL Players' Association, is expected to challenge the league's proposed $60 million salary cap for 2013-14 - it would be at $70.2 million this season but would be prorated for 48 games. He also is expected to challenge the stipulation that amnesty buyouts count toward the players' 50 percent share of hockey-related revenue.

Fehr is believed to be trying to get the owners to cap escrow payments.

The league said its proposal is contingent on having a CBA in place by Jan. 11, with the season starting Jan. 19.

Both sides seem agreeable on several issues, including the 50/50 hockey-related revenue split, the $300 million the owners are contributing toward the "make whole" provision, and using the same free-agency and arbitration rules that were in the last agreement.

The sides are close on the lengths of player contracts and the CBA.

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