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A Hundred Days ... And Counting

The NHL lockout reaches a milestone.

Loyal reader and oft-contributor Greg Frank points out that the NHL has officially been out of work for 100 days as of Monday (and a Merry Christmas Eve to all) and helps us point out some of the things that have happened in the time players have been on strike ... or is it a lockout? ... or a work stoppage? ... and does it really matter what it's called? ...

1: Presidential election

2: Holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving ... and Christmas a mere hours away)
3: Starts by Roy Halladay (1-1, 9.95)
388: Field goals contributed to by Jrue Holiday (176 FG plus 212 assists)
4: Games missed by Jrue Holiday
4: Sixers losses in games missed by Jrue Holiday

3: Eagles wins
2: Eagles defensive coordinators
2: Eagles defensive line coaches
2: Eagles starting quarterbacks
31: Eagles turnovers

9: Phillies wins
13: Sixers wins
36: Wins by City 6 teams

0: Andrew Bynum Sixers games played
0: Andrew Bynum Sixers practices
1: Andrew Bynum nights out bowling

404: NBA games played
308: MLB games played (regular season and postseason)
223: NFL games played
625: NHL games cancelled (through Jan. 14)