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Flyers and Penguins Upping The Score

The Flyers and Penguins are scoring at a record pace.

Had the Flyers ended their playoff series with the Penguins Wednesday night, it is a fairly safe bet the two teams would have combined for a record-total number of goals in a four-game series. They entered Game 4 with 32 and something as simple as a 3-2 Flyers victory would have ended the series and broken the league mark.

But instead, they move on to Game 5 with the clubs having combined for 45 tallies, seven off the standard set for a series that ended in five games.

The six-game mark is off the charts (69 goals; see game-by-game below) and we don't even want to discuss the possibility of a Game 7.

Here are the most combined goals for each length of series:

Here are the scores for the 1985 Campbell Conference Final that set the NHL mark for most combined goals in one playoff series (home team in caps):