If the NHL realignment plan released Monday is approved, the Carolina Hurricanes will become the 14th different franchise to play in the same division as the Flyers (although they may be called "conferences").

Notable: All years in the chart below indicated the second half of that season. This season is indicated by (20)12 ... The 2005 (2004-05) strike season is not included ... The Islanders are the only franchise that has spent every one of its NHL seasons in the same division as the Flyers ... The Devils played in Kansas City (Scouts) and Colorado (Rockies) before moving to New Jersey for the 1982-83 season ... The California Golden Seals were the Oakland Seals for their first three seasons (1968-70) ... The name "Black Hawks" was two words back in the 70s, so that is how it is listed here ... The Flyers have played in three different divisions: West (1968-74), Patrick (1975-93) and Atlantic (1994-12); and three difference conferences: Clarence Campbell (1975-81), Prince of Wales (1982-93) and Eastern (1994-12).